Abbe Barclay – Clarity Counseling Center

Welcome to Clarity Counseling. These have been some especially difficult times for many in our community and culture and I am glad you are here. Working in Central Florida for over 26 years, helping couples, families, and individuals. I welcome the opportunity for you to get to know more about us and our practice which is inclusive of many forms of help while also offering a specialization for individuals struggling with Sex and Porn addiction and partners who have been betrayed and have lost relationship trust.

Having the privilege to work with so many individuals, couples and families, I honor the dignity of each human being who comes into my office, brave enough to tackle the issues before them. Honoring my client's journey and process to help find the healing that is needed is the basis for my practice as we explore and address the underlying issues that keep people stuck in dysfunctional patterns. My website offers pertinent information regarding my practice, the types of work I do, areas of specialization, general information and resources. You may also contact me directly at 407 359-7176
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